There are tons of Illustrator tutorials out there in the web. But exactly that made it challenging for me to find out how I should get startet.

Most tutorials for beginners I found wanted me to rebuild a specific image. Nothing left over for your creativity and nothing new to create. I didn’t even try one of them, because I knew it wouldn’t be fun. Learning is easyer and stays in your mind better, the more you are involved in the learning process.

Finally I found a tutorial, that did nothing more but explained how the tools work. It was exactly what I needed to get startet with my own first Illustrator project as soon as possible. Within a short while I felt at home in Illustrator and knew better what to search for when facing a problem.

Now brought to you: The best Illustrator tutorial for beginners (in my opinion):

“How to Use Adobe Illustrator” by William “Focus” DuBois:


  • The actual tutorial starts with the second episode.
  • I recommend to watch the first episode anyway.